Cwmaman Primary Bic Bocs Bwyd – Making a big difference in their local community

FareShare Cymru is delighted to showcase one of the fantastic projects we work with in fighting hunger and tackling food waste.

Cwmaman Primary in the Cynon Valley in South Wales run a Big Bocs Bwyd project to provide access to food and essential items to members of the local community in Cwmaman. The project is run by school staff members and community volunteers, and they receive a proportion of the food that is available from FareShare Cymru. Rachel Bryant, who is one of the leads on the scheme, said:

We’re delighted that we receive such high-quality fresh produce, snacks, staples and treats from FareShare Cymru. We simply wouldn’t be able to source such quality items without being involved with them.

Rachel Bryant – Cwmaman Primary

Officially opening its doors in May of 2022, the Big Bocs Bwyd facility has become a lifeline for so many people in the local area who are feeling the effects of inflation on their pockets. Sarah Howells, another lead at the Project said:

People who access the Bocs are always thrilled to be able to use the ingredients on offer to make delicious meals, and help soften the blow of the cost of living crisis. Every time we open the Bocs, there’s always a queue of people ready to pick up food and other essential items.

Sarah Howells – Cwmaman Primary

The project has gone from strength to strength, and has expanded to do more to provide a hub for the community. Rachel, Sarah and the team have run events like a chippy dinner, for local people – where possible using items they’ve sourced for the Bocs. Rachel said:

Food is a key part, but it’s just one part of what we do. Our project aims to foster a sense of community in challenging times, providing a touchpoint for everyone in the local area.  The food we receive from FareShare Cymru is vital in doing that.

Rachel Bryant – Cwmaman Primary