Who Benefits from FareBoost Cymru? 

FareBoost Cymru supports anyone in the Cardiff area needing assistance, including those who are unemployed, seeking work experience, facing physical or mental health challenges, dealing with learning difficulties, or lacking self-confidence. 

Immediate Engagement and Growth 

Participants quickly engage, acquire new skills, and form meaningful friendships. Within weeks, they are fully immersed in the program’s activities, fostering a sense of community and personal development.  

How FareBoost Cymru works

FareBoost Cymru is a 12-week program delivered by FareShare Cymru, a charity focused on food distribution with a social and environmental mission. We rescue good-quality, in-date food destined for landfill and distribute it to local schools, charities, and community hubs. 

Our Cardiff warehouse is a dynamic, welcoming environment where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive. Each program session accommodates up to 8 participants, ensuring personalised attention and a strong team dynamic. 

Participants can earn accredited qualifications such as: 

  • Food Safety Level 2 
  • Allergen Awareness 
  • Health and Safety Level 2 
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) 
  • Manual Handling 
  • Forklift License 

A Day in the Life at FareBoost Cymru 

Morning Briefing: Overview of daily activities. 

Hands-On Warehouse Activities: Sorting and packing food donations, managing inventory, operating pallet pump trucks. 

Afternoon Tasks: Assisting on deliveries, meeting volunteers, engaging with community organizations, and learning about various aspects of warehouse operations and community service. 

One highlight is working in the delivery van, which offers a break from routine tasks and a chance to interact with the community. This experience helps participants understand the impact of their contributions, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Why Choose Warehouse Distribution? 

Warehouse distribution is an excellent avenue for personal and professional growth, regardless of your skill set. It offers opportunities to: 

  • Be active and social in a bustling work environment. 
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals to provide essential community services. 
  • Gain versatile skills applicable to industries like logistics, event planning, marketing, communications, fundraising, photography, delivery driving, data analysis, and carpentry. 
  • No prior experience is needed—just a willingness to get involved and learn. 

Looking for meaningful work experience and a chance to develop new skills? We want to hear from you! Complete the form below or email us at Jessica@fareshare.cymru. 

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