Your business could be eligible for funding to help you reduce your food waste whilst helping people at risk of food insecurity.

The Surplus with Purpose Cymru fund is open to Welsh companies that have food that’s edible, yet wasted because of it’s too costly or unsuitable for commercial use.

The fund aims to overcome the barriers that Welsh food and drink businesses (farmers, growers, producers, manufacturers , wholesalers etc.) face when considering redistributing surplus food to charity.

The fund could help with the costs of tasks like:

  • Labour
  • Packaging
  • Freezing
  • Harvesting
  • Transport
  • Something else….

It should never be cheaper to throw away good food than it is to feed hungry families.

Retailer Authorisations

FareShare has authorisation from all major retailers to redistribute their own label products made by manufacturers.

Businesses across the UK are already benefiting from this support:

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Surplus With Purpose

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