We work with a wide variety of organisations to support them with their food needs, from community pantries and lunch clubs to community centres and afterschool clubs to food banks providing emergency support. Our aim to end hunger in South Wales through tackling food waste and ensuring good food is put to good use to support those in need 

How do we sign up? 

To start the membership sign up process, complete our FareShare Cymru application form by clicking the Join today button above. We will get back to you as soon as possible to talk to you about how we can provide your organisation with food. Once we’ve had a chat, we’ll come to visit your organisation to take you through the sign up process and complete a kitchen check. 

Once you’ve signed up to become a FareShare Cymru member, you can expect a food order to be made up by our amazing volunteers each week based on your organisation’s needs.

Where does FareShare Cymru food come from? 

The food we supply is fresh, varied and high quality. It is classed as surplus for any number of reasons which do not affect the food itself, from packaging errors to promotions ending. The food is donated from some of the big supermarket chains, as well as some regional and local food companies. FareShare Cymru follows stringent policies and procedures for storage and transportation to meet all food safety legislation. 

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Can you guarantee which foods we’ll receive? 

As we deal with surplus food, we can never guarantee the exact food you’ll get. Instead, we build a food profile for each of our members that meets your organisation’s needs. Each week we put together an order for you based on your food preferences and the stock we have, and our volunteers pick and pack it for you. We receive everything from fish to fresh fruit, and from cheeses to beans. If we have excess stock that day then you may well get some extras too!

Is there a cost to my organisation? 

As a charity we rely on donations and grants to keep going. To contribute towards our operational costs we ask for a nominal fee from all full members to receive a regular supply of food from our warehouse, the value of the food you receive is 5-10 time your membership fee, our supermarket collection service is provided free of charge to supplement your main food supply. On average, FareShare charity members save a huge £7,900 on their food bill each year. This means they can invest in other vital services.

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FareShare Cymru supplies over 210 vital frontline provisions across Wales with fresh, tasty, in date surplus food from the food industry. If your charity,

Joining FareShare Cymru

We work with a wide variety of organisations to support them with their food needs, from community pantries and lunch clubs to community centres

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The food you will collect is unsold surplus food at the end of the day. It is all good quality food that is simply