Wales Climate Week Fringe Event: FareShare Cymru to host live online panel discussion

Wales Climate Week

Wales Climate Week is an annual event that seeks to bring together individuals, communities, environmental groups, academics, businesses, and the public sector for an important conversation on climate change.

This year, the focus is on raising awareness of the challenges in tackling the continued threat of climate change alongside the cost-of-living crisis and how they can deliver solutions to these challenges for households across Wales. The week’s theme emphasizes public engagement and action on climate change and is delivered through a virtual conference.

How we’re making a difference

Food waste contributes greatly to the amount of carbon dioxide produced and by reducing food waste, we can ease climate change. At FareShare Cymru we support Wales Climate Week and actively work to reduce the impact of the threat of climate change.

We do this by ensuring to our best ability that surplus food, which would otherwise go to the landfill, can go to community food members who can use the perfectly edible food in their local communities. In 2020/21, we at FareShare Cymru were able to save 2649 tonnes of CO2 emissions by redistributing 857 tonnes of food that would’ve gone to waste, to charities and community groups across Wales.

Welsh Climate Week Fringe Event

This year FareShare Cymru will be hosting an online panel discussion to discuss what our suppliers and members are doing to help minimize the impact they have on the climate. The event will include three of our members – Hope Pantry, Include Hub and FoodShare Llantwit, and one of our suppliers Lewis Pies, who are all attempting to reduce their impact on the climate through good practice.

The discussion will touch on topics such as the impact of climate change and how urgent the action we take needs to be, as well as barriers, threats, and opportunities we have to change our behaviours now before. The event will also discuss the potential cost of climate change and the effect it will have on those most vulnerable in our society.

The discussion is being held on Microsoft Teams at 4 pm on 7 December. Tickets are free of charge and information is available by clicking the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/welsh-climate-week-fareshare-cymru-tickets-474746498557

Further Information

Wales Climate Week: www.climateweek.gov.wales