Tins of surplus food on a shelf

Foothold Cymru striving to make a big difference in Llanelli

Based in Llanelli, Foothold Cymru is a social justice charity working to create strong communities where families and individuals can thrive and not just survive. 

Established over 30 years ago, they’ve supported over a quarter of a million people who’ve needed help with the things many take for granted – food, clothing, education, and employment.  

Foothold Cymru focuses on what’s important to the people of West Wales and works with communities to make changes where they’re needed. And at this time of huge social, environmental, and economic upheaval their work in has never been more needed.  

Foothold Cymru: More Than Food

Foothold Cymru Community Hub houses a Zero Waste Hub, a recycled paint store, a regular Repair Café, a Tool Library, Clothing Exchange, and a youth drop-in service. And it’s also the home of one of Foothold Cymru’s Community Food Stores.   

The Community Food Store runs like a community pantry with individuals paying a membership fee, which provides Members with weekly access to great quality surplus food. The stock available is mainly sourced from FareShare Cymru and FareShare Go.  

“the rising cost of living is causing people in our community incredible concern. They need to make their money go further to make ends meet, and that’s where our Community Store helps”

– Janice Morgan,  Deputy Chief Executive

With the support of dieticians from Hywel Dda University Health Board, Foothold Cymru has developed a ‘suggested food list’ for Members of the Community Store. The ‘list’ is popular among Members and encourages them to follow a more balanced diet.  

The variety of foods provided by FareShare Cymru has meant Members are able to access a wider variety of foods and foods they may not have been able to afford in the past. Foothold Cymru encourages Members to try new foods by sharing recipes tailored to the store’s available produce. On one occasion, giving out samples of celeriac soup to encourage people to take the vegetable home.  

“Everybody was taking celeriac and the recipe home, and everybody went out excited to try something different and new”  

Emma Morgan, Project Officer

Foothold Cymru also runs a food delivery service for individuals and families in isolated rural communities. The service provides a lifeline to those who may otherwise not be able to access healthier foods and those struggling to make ends meet. The delivery service also acts as a source of support and friendship. 

“I spend a little bit of time with them, they are older, so I have a good chat with them, make sure that they are alright

Wyn Williams, Driver 

As part of FareShare Cymru’s extension into West Wales, Foothold Cymru’s Stebonheath site is now the Llanelli-based local collection point. This means other Carmarthenshire-based community food projects can benefit from a FareShare Cymru membership.  

“It opens it up to everybody else as well”  

Sophie Morgan, Senior Project Manager

Not only has the local collection point provided a source of good surplus food, but it has also created a sense of community amongst the groups that use it. Local projects are now visiting one another to talk about how they can best support their communities together.  

“We all work together towards the same goal” 

Emma Morgan Project Officer

Further information

Foothold Cymru: https://footholdcymru.org.uk/