Zorba Delicacies doing good

Zorba Delicacies’ donation of over two and a half tonnes of chilled soup and dips this year has been so helpful to the work we do at FareShare Cymru.  

Zorba Delicacies is a multi-million-pound food manufacturer based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales making a variety of dips, houmous’, soups, meal pots and sandwiches. Due to last-minute order changes, they occasionally have surplus stock and, as their product is fresh, chilled food, it could be easily wasted due to its short shelf life.   

Zorba has been donating to Fareshare Cymru since August 2021 as they believe offering their surplus stock to charity is the right thing to do. FareShare Cymru then distributes the surplus food to over 170 community food groups across South Wales.  

It helps reduce our waste on-site, but also, in an age where there are so many global concerns, doing good is becoming more and more important. It seemed like a no-brainer. Fareshare does a really amazing job at turning an environmental problem into a solution.

Jacques Tasker, Commercial Executive, Zorba Delicacies  

FareShare Cymru hates seeing food going to waste so we welcome any discussion about how we can make it as easy as possible for food to be donated. We currently have our Surplus with Purpose Cymru Fund available to help with any extra costs.  

What makes Fareshare so great to work with is that they make donating surplus stock so easy. Whenever we have available stock for donation, through their friendly staff, we arrange a pickup time for one of their refrigerated vans to come and pick it up at no cost.

Jacques Tasker, Commercial Executive, Zorba Delicacies  

As well as helping prevent the surplus stock from going to landfill, Zorba’s relationship with FareShare Cymru is well received by their staff and customers. Improving staff morale is a proven reason why food businesses benefit from supporting good causes. (Charities Aid Foundation) 

FareShare Cymru is grateful for the food that Zorba donates which helps us feed thousands of vulnerable people each month. We hope our relationship will continue, to enable us to tackle food waste and hunger together. 

We couldn’t recommend Fareshare enough. They make doing good so easy for businesses like ours at not detriment to our business whatsoever. 

Jacques Tasker, Commercial Executive, Zorba Delicacies