Award for FareShare Cymru Volunteer

The third annual FareShare Volunteers Awards demonstrated the strength and power of volunteering, with an array of amazing individuals across the UK network picking up awards across categories that included driving, warehouse operations and leadership.

In the Cardiff regional centre however, we were celebrating our own volunteer’s success. Tricia Lowe is a nutritional therapist, and picked up the FareShare Admin Volunteer of the Year Award. Tricia has used the knowledge she has gained to create recipe’s and instructions for the CFMs (Community Food Members) – enabling them to cook in the most effective and healthiest way possible.

Tricia trained as a lawyer, working in Cardiff and Hong Kong before becoming a family mediator, resolving conflict. A career change into nutritional therapy led her into teaching and spreading the word of healthy and nutritional recipes – something she was extremely passionate about. Tricia’s drive for helping people led her to decide that when she was able to find more time, she would volunteer to help with the increasing number of families forced into food poverty.

“I felt as though I could help people to understand that whatever you have to use, you can make into a healthy and nutritional meal. I’m hoping to demonstrate some simple and economical ways of cooking because I believe that everyone is entitled to eat well”

Preventing food wastage has always been something Tricia is passionate about, which is one of the reasons she chose to volunteer with FareShare Cymru. Having looked around online at opportunities, it was a radio interview with FareShare UK CEO Lindsay Boswell that led her to choosing the charity.

‘I remember hearing him speak so passionately about food on the radio and thinking what an amazing thing to do, I was inspired – so within the week I picked up the phone to the regional centre in Cardiff and enquired about ways I could help’

And this is the advice that Tricia gives to people who are thinking about volunteering, just pick up the phone and ask! There are many opportunities at FareShare to volunteer for everyone from 16 onwards, from helping out in the warehouse to driving the vans and joining our team in the office – there’s a place for everyone.

“Everyone is really friendly and committed to the cause. When you do this kind of work you really do get out just as much as you put in, if not more! Just knowing that you’re making a difference is rewarding in itself and so I would recommend that anybody gives it a go”

Upon reflection of her reward Tricia explained that she was proud to win it, especially as she felt she was representing the FareShare Cymru branch. The ability to use her skills knowledge and experience to help other people was her biggest takeaway and something she was pleased to be recognised for.

Tricia is currently creating a series of recipes from the items we receive regularly into our warehouse, making nutritious and healthy meals accessible to everyone – so keep an eye of for it this winter!

For further information on how you can volunteer with FareShare, visit: fareshare.cymru/volunteer. Alternatively email: Volunteer@FareShare.Cymru to learn more about ways you can help us save food and fight hunger.